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  • Bags

    WDF can supply bagged fertiliser, shrink wrapped on pallets or individually in 40kg and 25kg bags. We have in stock supplies of Superfect, SSP, MAP, Urea, DAP, Haybooster, MOP, and Urea.
  • We bag fertilisers to your requirements at our custom designed bagging plant located in Dunkeld. We have the capacity to bag 100+ tonnes per day via Bulka Bags.
  • Bulka Bags are also available in smaller denominations, eg. 0.500 tonne, 0.750 tonne. Bulka Bags can hold upto 1.500 tonnes depending upon the product density.


  • Bulka bags

    WDF can provide you with all your 1t bulka bag requirements from single super to blends to MAP, DAP or Urea.