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WDF retain a healthy stock of fertilisers on hand, and we’re set up to create any blend you desire.
As agents for major fertiliser manufacturers, we can dispatch direct from the works to your farm from Geelong, Portland and Melbourne. The following are just a few examples of fertilisers that we can get to you in a moment’s notice:

  • Single Super (Superfect)

    Superfect is a water soluble product which supplies an appropriate balance of phosphorus, sulphur and calcium to pastures and crops. This is commonly referred as a low analysis fertiliser.
  • Single Super blends

    Blended pasture top-dressing fertiliser contains rations of superphosphate, muriate of potash and copper. Available as 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 & 5:1
  • MAP

    M.A.P (Mono–Ammonium Phosphate) is a high analysis product providing nitrogen and phosphorus. Generally the product is used for cereal crops to satisfy phosphorus requirements and starter rates of nitrogen.
  • DAP

    D.A.P (Di-Ammonium Phosphate) is a high analysis fertiliser that provides both nitrogen and phosphorus. Recommended for use with cereal crops where high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus inputs are required.
  • Urea

    Urea is a high analysis fertiliser which is rich in nitrogen; making it a suitable for soil application to crops both pre-planting and post- seeding.
  • Murtiate of Potash

    Murtiate of Potash provides pastures and crops alike with high levels of potassium. It is blended with other fertilisers for use on pastures, crops and horticultural crops.
  • Bulk deliveries

    WDF provide a daily service ex all major fertiliser manufacturers therefore providing a prompt bulk delivery direct onto your farm or ex one of our depots
  • Bags

    WDF can supply fertiliser shrink wrapped on pallets or individually in 40kg and 25kg bags. We have in stock supplies of Superfect, MAP, Urea, DAP, Haybooster, MOP, and Urea.
  • Bulka bags

    WDF can provide you with all your 1t bulka bag requirements from single super to blends to MAP, DAP or Urea.
  • Super field bins

    Save money and handling via our Super field bulk bins. We can deliver up to 12t bulk product direct to your farm. Spread your own and save.